How would you like to carry all your ukulele music around with you in the palm of your hand? No more loose leaf sheet music, laptops, photocopies, etc. Load your entire ukulele repertoire into your iPad or iPhone, and whenever, wherever you’re ready to play, just open up your Chords4Ukes Songbook and watch the chords and lyrics scroll at your preferred speed. We even start you off with links to fantastic ukulele songs to get you started!


Other Songbook features:
– Share your songs with uke players around the world
– Countdown timer, so you have time to get ready before the song starts to scroll
– Transpose songs into a key that’s easier for your fingers
– View videos from YouTube directly in Chord4Ukes
– Song of the Week: Submit your song, including a YouTube Video (If you have one), to the Chords4Ukes “Song of the Week”. If selected, your song will be seen in the app by hundreds of thousands of Chords4Ukes users! Show the world what you and your little uke can do.

Chords4Ukes also quickly and easily displays the most common chords for Ukuleles:


– Select the chord, select the scale and you will see the fingering for that chord

– The name of the note appears in the circle for each finger

– To play the chord, first turn your sound on for your device iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, swipe across the screen to the right, or play notes individually by touching each circle

– Tune your Ukulele by touching the GCEA at the top of the fret board, either C or D tuning

– To see/hear a chord further up the neck simply swipe up/down on the fret board. The fret number will appear on the left hand side.