Zippy Notes:
Tap • Tap • Connect!

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We know that you need to send the same messages repeatedly….for example, a partner might receive “Leaving now, on my way”

The motto for Zippy Notes is Tap • Tap • Connect because it’s as easy as tapping twice to connect with your contact.

Who uses this app?

  1. People on the go.
  2. People tired of sending the same messages to the same people.
  3. People wanting to save time.  People with airtight schedules.
  4. (Everyone who has an iPhone?)  You decide.

What makes Zippy Notes better than the other apps?
The interface:  Simple, clean, quick to use.  Tap • Tap • Connect

Download now to shave minutes off all those texts and emails you’re already sending. What will YOU do with all the minutes you save?